Frontpage Parlor Pic   The Singing Echoes, given the title by The Singing News
Magazine as "The Most Exciting Group in Gospel Music", have been singing for 50 years.  Their family sings and travels with a full band that extends to the concert goer a unique experience matched by none.  Bill Bailey, a prominent Southern Gospel Music Promoter, said "You don't listen to the Singing Echoes... You Experience the Singing Echoes."  Many fan favorites introduced by the group include the songs It's Enough, Think I'm Excited, Somebody's Here, and Wake up to Sleep No More (which was nominated for a Grammy for the arrangement of the song).  The group has stood the test of time because of their dedication to The Lord, Singing the Gospel, and giving their fans an experience they won't soon forget.  If you haven't seen the Singing Echoes, We invite you to a concert in your area.  Once you experience The Singing Echoes, you'll know what you've been missing. 

Singing Echoes Tour Badge


The Singing Echoes would like to publically thank all that have been in prayer for the group and our family. This post was sent by Brooke and Josh to keep everyone informed.

 On behalf of Gary and Debbie, I just want to thank everyone for the prayers, thoughts and calls.  Gary is still in the hospital and desires your prayers.  Debbie is home recovering and is not strong enough for calls at this time but know that they appreciate the love, support, and most importatntly the prayers.  Josh and Brooke will continue to keep you updated on Facebook as much as possible.

Thank you for your continued support of the Singing Echoes and especially the Epperson family.